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Photo gallery of the Autonomous Port of San Pedro

The port community of San Pedro in Mali: Harbour of San Pedro, of course Malian!
Environment: A modern extremist mechanical street-sweeper given by the Belgian group Sea Invest
The Minister of tourism visiting San Pedro
Help to decision: PASP acquires the system " QlickView "
Reform of courses of study Cotton and anacarde: PASP participated in it
Transit of cotton Malian: M.SALIF ABDOULAYE CISSOKO CEO of the CMDT: « For a try, it was a brilliant stroke … »
Shipwreck of M/S THEODORA-MARIA-Z: the operations of bailing and cutting up started
Distinction : Le DG élevé au grade d’officier
The Harbour of San Pedro accepts its 3rd mobile common crane.
Autonomous Harbour of San Pedro: the stockholders in general meeting
Development: DG and the new Regional Head of government in stage.
Belgian investors on visit of canvassing in Ivory Coast, accepted by DG of PASP
The Port of San Pedro receives the Malian cotton export
On working visit in PASP the ambassador of Italy in Ivory Coast in DG: « I am going to echo of your potential in Italy »
21 workers decorated in the medal of honour of job, Mister KOUAME Kouamé Jean Baptiste PCA, introduced to the personnel
Commercial receipts on 2013: en route to new tournaments
Autonomous Harbour of San Pedro– Hilaire Marcel LAMIZANA is confirmed Managing Director
On working visit in the Autonomous Harbour of San Pedro, the minister des Transports, Mister GAOUSSOU TOURE to the managing director mister Hilaire Mr LAMIZANA: « Mister CEO, we have a perfect concourse of view on our different actions ».
Recognition: CEO praises Franck Akpoué and Jérémie Beugré Tchié
ISPS code: The mission of the United States to the DG Coast Guard: « …We welcome the will and determination of the port authority that you play... »
The prefect of region in PCA: « the security of the harbour, I make my deal there … »
" DINIYO " Mister PCA
Port authority of San Pedro: A new board installed.
A ship 260 metres long docks in the Harbour of San Pedro: Another record
Social welfare: DG of PASP equips two motherhood and a secondary school to San Pedro
The sports factor of social cohesion
Ore and railway Man - San Pedro port: things become clearer
The importation of rice at the Port of San Pedro is a reality
Mr. COULIBALY NON KARNA, President of the ANRMP (national public markets regulating authority) to the DG of PASP: 'we'll help the PASP to live'
Stopover of the « MSC ASTRID » : the beginning of a connection between Antwerp and San Pedro
Social environment with the port of San Pedro - unanimous dockers: “not of recourse to the strike over 3 years”.
Partnership Port off International Antwerp - Port authority of San Pedro: 30 dockers crane drivers and drivers put themselves at the international standards.
Environment and protection of the animal species: the PASP and the harbor community give to floods a whale failed on the banks of the Fishing port
Development: Mining port with San Pedro and railroad Man-San Pedro soon realities.
In work visit with the port of San Pedro the Minister of state, Minister of Industry DOSSO MOUSSA with the CEO : “… I am impressed by your performances and your results…”
SAFETY: The DG Hilaire LAMIZANA equips the GSP (Harbor Group of Safety)
PROMOTIONAL DAY OF the PORTS OF SAN PEDRO AND ANTWERP (Belgium): Hilaire LAMIZANA and VAN PEEL put the harbor communities of agreement on their engagement.
Import operation: administrative documents issued from San Pedro.
Festival of 1st May, Labour Day: PASP in the festivities with dignity and renewed confidence.
TOUTON Group carries out the extension of its production units to the port of San Pedro
The port of San Pedro posts a fulgurating rise of 47% of its goods traffic in 2011 (1.800.000 t:performance ever carried out since 1971)
On the Diary of the DG
ISPS Code : The American Coastguards evaluate the PASP
Pasp towards certification Iso 9001 version 2008: Audit with white of the System of Management of the quality of the PASP
The New Ambassador of Burkina in Ivory Coast S.E Justin Koutaba in visit with the PASP: “… Thank you for your availability,… with the Port of San Pedro, we will improve the living conditions of our populations…”
Exchanges of wishes and celebration of reprocessed: the personnel marks his total confidence with the CEO
S.E. PHILIP CASING III, Ambassador of the USA in Ci with the CEO of the PASP “You are an good example…”
Safety of the Port: The CEO visits the Harbor Group of Safety
Christmas tree 2011: Hilaire LAMIZANA, DG offers humility and hope to the children.
Hilaire Lamizana, DG of the PASP exhorts the Regional Administration of the customs of San Pedro to accompany the port in the attack by its objectives.

Visit of the ambassador of China in San Pedro


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